@omm uptodate是這樣寫的,你可以參考看看 If bicarbonate is given, the arterial pH and serum calcium should be monitored every two hours during the infusion. The bicarbonate infusion should be discontinued if the urine pH does not rise above 6.5 after three to four hours, if the patient develops symptomatic hypocalcemia, if the arterial pH exceeds 7.5, or if the serum bicarbonate exceeds 30 mEq/L. If the bicarbonate solution is discontinued, volume repletion should be continued with isotonic saline. 但我必須說,我沒有在臨床上實際照顧過rhabdomyolysis的病人,還希望有遇過的學長姐能夠分享一下實際的臨床處置