pleural effusion判讀

  • 平常臨床上除了區分exudate或transudate之外好像沒有特別指出感染的criteria
    (像SBP的話PMN>250是定義,但是pleural effusion沒有必須WBC>多少?)

  • 確實沒有一個感染的criteria,但是透過驗gram stain, culture, pH, glucose,就可以大致判讀他是complicated or uncomplicated parapneumonic,有特別懷疑的原因會再加驗其他數值。
    complicated parapneumonic才有drain的必要,uncomplicated用antibiotics治療pneumonia就好。

  • From 小麻, in those of research they distribute pleural effusion into two topics; Transudates and Exudates. Roughly separate this two categories; transudates = congestive heart failure, exudates = infection. There is a great description about them in 小麻. When we talk about pleural effusion, we should know about the Light's criteria and exudative criteria. Last but not least, same as @JYC replyed 請愛用小麻.

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